Tree Removal Services Thornhill

Professional Tree Removal Service in Thornhill, by Timberlane Tree Service

Tree Removal Services Thornhill

The presence of trees increases a property’s appeal to the market, but due to a lot of factors, trees can sometimes pose a risk to your property. A good assessment will help you determine the risks a tree poses to your home and yard. Sometimes, after a storm, you will need to cut down trees or branches that have been weakened and are too close to your home, or overhead wires to risk. Even without a storm or strong wind, tree removal can be necessary to deal with damaged or diseased trees and in cases where trees are beyond saving, whether its from infestations, disease or an accident. Tree removal is a safety measure you may have to take for the protection of your home and family, yet, it is a complex task, which only professional arborists should do.

This is why you need the expertise found at Timberlane Tree Service. We provide professional tree removal services in the Thornhill area, and we make sure that we leave homeowners more than satisfied.

Why Choose Timberlane Tree Services?

Our years of experience speak for itself. We have been in the business for more than 20 years because we don’t settle for satisfactory – we aim for exceptional!

We’re a member of the International Society of Arboriculture, and we are Ontario Certified Arborists, licensed and ready to take on any tree removal challenge. Timberlane has experienced workers who can maneuver their way around tight spaces, protecting your home and yard. After an assessment, the whole process is explained so you know what to expect and you’ll have the option to choose the best method for removal, understanding all the factors. Whether it’s for residential or commercial properties, Timberlane Tree Service is the best tree removal service Thornhill has to offer.

We’re the tree removal service Thornhill residents can count on to care for your property. We know the value you place on your home and yard, that’s why Timberlane Tree Services goes the extra mile to make you feel secure and fully aware of what we’re doing at all times. We spend time in finding the best solution for your needs, discussing it with you every step of the way. Our equipment is always well-maintained and top of the line. For trees located in narrow spaces, we have flexible bucket trucks that carry our arborists and their equipment exactly where they have to go to make the perfect cut. If somehow the areas can’t be reached by the bucket trucks, our arborists will do the climbing. Each project is carefully assessed to know which procedure to use in order to avoid damaging the existing landscape. Speed lining technique is utilized for larger or more difficult projects. Thus, work is done safer, quicker and easier, especially when compared to DIY cutting.

Our operation is based in Newmarket, but we service a wide range of areas including Thornhill, Vaughan and King City, which we’ve been doing since 1993. If you have a tree emergency, we have a 24 hour emergency service available in all seasons.

Quality does not have to be costly. That’s why Timberlane gives you the best prices for tree removal services in Thornhill.

Contacting Timberlane Tree Service

For all tree-removal projects, call us at our Newmarket Line: 905-778-9438, or our Toronto Emergency line: 416-878-2108, or our Toll free hotline at 1-888-718-TREE (8733). We’ll be happy to send a tree specialist to your location.

Drop by our office at 19669 Dufferin St. Newmarket, Ontario.For more details, send us an email at: Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook,Google+ and Twitter for updates!

Timberlane Tree Service is the most qualified tree removal service Thornhill has to offer. Don’t look any further, call us now!

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