Pruning and Trimming Thornhill

Timberlane Tree Service – Providing Pruning and Trimming in Thornhill

Pruning and Trimming Thornhill
While trees may look sturdy and healthy at first, a closer look might reveal some dead branches, dense growth or insect infested areas which have to be pruned and trimmed. Too tall or big trees can also pose a risk to properties. A disease in a branch may spread if not addressed quickly and a dense crown could hinder sunlight from entering the interior of the tree which affects photosynthesis. They could house insects which are dangerous for surrounding areas. Pruning and trimming are done to generally promote growth and health in trees, as well as create a safer environment. By pruning trees and trimming shrubs, air can circulate within the tree, thereby helping its growth. There’s also no danger from falling branches or twigs anytime. Aesthetically, well-trimmed and pruned trees make a pretty sight. However, each species has its own pruning and trimming needs. Factors like age, history and time have to be considered. The task is challenging, especially in Thornhill where there is a changing of seasons. This is when you leave the job to the professionals like Timberlane Tree Services who is the best pruning and trimming Thornhill service provider available?

What makes us the best in this service?

A solid reputation for providing excellent and affordable pruning and trimming service is what we pride ourselves with. In more than 2 decades of experience, Timberlance Tree Service has demonstrated a successful track record for providing exceptional service to our clients. We’re a team of Ontario Certified Arborists, a member of the International Society of Arboriculture, who are passionate in this field. Our arborists will look into your trees before determining the best way to get rid of any growth and health-hindering factors present. Arborists will climb on the trees to check any branch, leaf and twig to reach tight corner that are inaccessible to bucket trucks. We’re great tree handlers, so if you have old or historical trees, leave them to our care!
We value aesthetics as much as functionality. We love to make sure your trees look in shape and are in shape after we leave. Our hi-tech equipment and tools are of superb condition, very suited to this line of work to allow us to work efficiently without damaging or affecting the surrounding areas. This is what Timberlane’s pruning and trimming Thornhill services provide. Whether you want your trees pruned (residential, commercial or municipal) to boost growth, fruit production or for safety reasons, we are the best in service for pruning and trimming in Thornhill.
Our services are accessible 24 hours, with our emergency service that caters to your needs, all year round. Let us know your concern, and we’ll send a tree specialist down your way. We have friendly staff, who are more than willing to assist you in any way possible. We service Thornhill as well as surrounding areas such as Newmarket and King City. For any pruning and trimming related tasks, you’ll find that hiring our services is a worthwhile, cost-efficient investment. We give free estimates for each client’s needs and our services are fully insured. Being a great pruning and trimming Thornhill service provider, we believe that quality and affordability can go together. So, you can avail of our expert service without hurting your pockets. What’s more, we have discounts up for grabs!

Contacting Timberlane Tree Service

Ring us at our Newmarket Line at 905-778-9438 or our Toronto Emergency Line at 416-878-2108. You can also call our Toll free hotline at 1-888-718-TREE (8733). We’d love to see you too, so drop by and visit our office at 19669 Dufferin St., Newmarket, Ontario. Still have inquiries? Send us an email at For pruning and trimming needs, there’s only one name you can trust – Timberlane Tree Service. Call us today!

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