Crane Service Richmond Hill

Timberlane Heavy Tree Lifting Crane Service in Richmond Hill

Crane Service Richmond Hill

Storms may blow trees down and uproot others, old age can send a large tree that has been in your yard for decades to the ground, or disease could make a tree a danger to your home. Or it could be something smaller, with the branches falling off, leaving a smaller but still living tree and a yard full of large, dead branches. Or maybe you pruned your trees, and without realizing it some of the branches are just be too big to carry out to the garbage or even lift by hand. When you have branches or trees that are too big for you to handle, you need to call on professionals to remove these hazards.

Crane services in the Richmond Hill area, are often combined with tree removal services. It is simply more convenient to have professionals do the task of clearing and removing unwanted trees and branches. Home owners whose houses have large yards or are close to forests, sometimes need to clear out old lumber and stumps, calling in professional tree services who have the right machinery to get the job done, is easier than breaking your back and potentially your truck trying to do it yourself.

Timberlane Tree Services offers its crane service to aid residential, commercial and industrial places with an easy way to get rid of unwanted branches, logs and stumps. Our Richmond Hill crane service is well known as an expert in control and safety, when it comes to removing trees.

Timberlane Tree service has been in existence since 1993. We have been using our crane service to aid in the removal of unwanted trees, stumps and lumber, with a staff of Ontario Certified Arborist, and are acknowledged by several associations ,such as the International Society of Arboriculture, the, Ontario Commercial Arborists Association and the Landscape Ontario companies as one of the best in Richmond Hill. All of these memberships and associations prove that Timberlane is an expert in all forms of arboreal services and landscaping services. Our services are available even to residences which have limited space or have tight corners, which make using machinery difficult or impossible. Our team has removed timber, stumps, logs and other objects that sometimes prove to be too daunting for other people. Our tree removal services, clean up and other services are available to everyone, and we won’t let a problem stop us from completing a job.

TimberlaneTree Service Scope of Support and Contact details

The crane service for Richmond Hill based clients are also available in nearby areas, including Aurora, Toronto, Newmarket, Stouffville, Vaughan, York and Durham regions. We offer 24 hour emergency clean up and repairs, so that in case of an emergency, you are not left high and dry.

Call us now and get an estimate, by dialing 1-888-718-TREE (8733) for our toll free number. Toronto residents can call 416-878-2108 while Newmarket based clients may call us at 905-778-9438.

For any emergency request, please dial our Toronto hotline 416-878-2108. Our website also has all the information you may need about all the services Timberlane Tree Service offers.

Be sure to check our blog and articles that may help you with some DIY projects, and to learn more about local trees and their proper care. Visit us at 9669 Dufferin St. Newmarket, Ontario for any information or request which you may feel unsure about.

For a full service on all tree-related problems, call Timberlane Tree Services and let us get the job done for you!

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